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Entropia Loot now has a Shopping Booth in Omegaton - Alpha building. Selling ores, clothes etc. with competitive prises. Shopping Booth inventory can be seen here: Shopping @ Greadons

#1 information site for all Entropia Universe hunters :)
From Hunters to Hunters, Entropia-loot.com

This site is for all players of Entropia Universe (ex Project Entropia). Entropia Universe is the best free Massive Multi player game that i have ever played. "The One" MMORPG with real cash economy. And real cash economy is the thing that makes this virtual universe take a step further from any common MMORPG. And as a bonus, you do not need real money to start playing :) I have been playing this game over eight years so far and there are still days that i can not wait for the moment that i can log in to this virtual universe! My second home :)
Zapra Zap Greadon
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I have been running this Zap's Loot Table since 5.11.2003. Got this idea to keep track what you can loot from mobs you kill when i was trying to collect full Knight armor. I Started with one static page and modified with notepad... It started to be too hard to keep up to date so i decided to change using sql-database maby from start of year 2005. Then in April 2005 this www hosting that i used made it impossible to use sql to run my site. Maby some of You remember those days when I was searching for a new www hosting solution and Loot Table wasn't working. I noticed that the only way to do this was to register my own domain www.entropia-loot.com and pay for hosting to get all functions to work the way i wanted... This is the reason for those Ads on site :-) With those Ads I can cover part of hosting costs, so don't worry, i don't gain any profit from this site :)

I would like to thank all people that have helped me to get this site up and running. Big thanks to You that have helped me in coding php+sql and the biggest thank you belongs to people that keep submitting their loots weekly or even daily!
I just provide a place to share all info about Entropia Universe (ex. Project Entropia) loots that people have submitted.

And feel free to send feedback how to make this site even better.